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Voce dell'archivio:
9788826047546 - Rogo Spanderai: Code name TREMENDO - Libro

Rogo Spanderai (?):

Code name TREMENDO (2017) (?)

Consegna da: FranciaNuovo libroeBook, e-Book, libro digitaleprodotto per il download digitale

9788826047546 (?) o 8826047545

, lingua sconosciuta, Rogo Spanderai, Rogo Spanderai, Rogo Spanderai, Nuovo, eBook, download digitale
THE FIRST RAW TESTIMONY OF A ITALIAN MERCENARY COME UP TO DAY TODAY AFTER 25 YEARS OF ACTIVE: Sometimes in life you find yourself in front of the forks, are the moments when you have to choose with the understanding that the decision will depend on all our futures. This also happened to a young military conscripts when they proposed to be part of a special multi-ethnic force, made up of elements from all armed forces, totally incognito and autonomous, intended to fulfill special tasks. On the one hand the opportunity to end the military period and return to its tranquility, the other, the prospect of the existence of the improbable limits, a double life that few people had to be aware of. Without hesitation, the soldier agreed, at that moment was born feared. The decision led him to face a period of debilitating training, physical and psychological tests to forge men ready for anything, and then to travel, to carry out missions in different parts of the world, in Africa, the Middle East, the former Yugoslavia during the terrible civil war, to risk, to kill and to deal with human brutality. The tasks to be accomplished were the most diverse: delivering weapons, freeing prisoners, retrieve top secret documents, protecting places and people in extremely dangerous environments. The normal life of a small provincial artisan was periodically disrupted by a fax in which you were given time and meeting place in which to go to receive information about the next mission, from time to time the young man invented a story to justify ' absence and left for the new adventure. In the foreword the author assures that the script tells his true story, obviously modified part to not endanger those involved. If you believe this or want to consider everything a mere literary device is a reader's decision to which an intense history and adrenaline is delivered that never fails to deliver food for thought about the possibility of being "mercenaries for good.
Parole chiavi: Code name TREMENDO Rogo Spanderai Biography & Memoir 9788826047546
Dati da 11/05/2017 18:36h
ISBN (notazioni alternative): 88-260-4754-5, 978-88-260-4754-6
Voce dell'archivio:
9788826047546 - Code name «Tremendo» - Libro

Code name «Tremendo» (?)

Consegna da: Italia

9788826047546 (?) o 8826047545

, in italiano
3 - 4 gg
Categoria: Libri
Dati da 11/05/2017 18:36h
ISBN (notazioni alternative): 88-260-4754-5, 978-88-260-4754-6


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